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Custom Boarders and Inlays

Let your imagination go wild. The options are endless when it comes to floor designs. Wherever the idea or inspiration comes from, we will be able to incorporate borders, medallions, angles, various wood species and/or patterns and have a custom floor that your friends will envy.




This medallion "Kingscote" was installed in a home office, which after furnishing will be in front of the desk.






This medallion, "Belarosa" boasting  an English Rose made of Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany, and Oak is located, in the center of the kitchen floor.






The main area of this billiard room floor consists of 2-1/4 inch by 11 inch Red Oak Herringbone surrounded by an 18 inch border, highlighted with two individual strips of Brazilian Cherry.






This dinning room has 2-1/4 inch #1 Common Red Oak installed on a 45degree angle with an 18 inch Border accented with two 2-1/4 inch Brazilian Cherry strips separated by a 2-1/4 inch strip of Red Oak.






This formal dining room consists of 3-1/4 inch Cumaru, sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak. Incorporated into this Boarder is two strips of 2-1/4 inch Maple separated by a 3-1/4 inch strip of the Cumaru.






This family room shows a combination of Red and White Oak that was milled with Beveled Edges and Pegged with 1/2 inch Walnut Pegs This floor was installed to duplicate an existing floor already in the home.





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